Struktuur 68 - Werk in uitvoering (Works in progress)
When an artist wants a small scale model to be executed in a huge monumental size, they can go to Struktuur 68, a very small but specialized workshop/studio located in the old part of The Hague. They are unique in The Netherlands, and also a lot of foreign artists come and get their works executed at Struktuur 68. This book gives a view of their 35 year history by showing all kinds of different "Works in progress".
title Struktuur 68 - Werk in uitvoering (Works in progress)
client Struktuur 68
publisher Struktuur 68
editor Henk Trumpie
photography various
book design Wout de Vringer
font Dolly (Underware)
size 175 x 245 mm
pages 104
printing full colour offset
cover hardcover; full colour offset
published 2003
isbn 90-803745-2-0