Join In!
This publication describes the process of artistic intervention and the changes that have been made on the advice of the invited artists. Which insights came out of this process? What was successful? What lessons were learned? But also: what dilemmas did this approach bring? The first part is written from the perspective of the museum. The second part shows the experiences of the public and other stakeholders. Finally, we draw our conclusions for the future of the museum.
title Join In!
client Museum van Bommel van Dam
publisher Museum van Bommel van Dam
editor Saskia van der Wiel, Paul Hermans & John Huijs
concept ‘Join In!’ Saskia van der Wiel
author Sandra Trienekens & Saskia van der Wiel
photography Zebra Fotostudio's and others
book design Wout de Vringer
font AB BaldingerPro
size 210 x 297 mm
pages 108
printing full colour offset + pantone 021 + pantone 072
cover paperback with flap; printed in pantone 021 + pantone 072
published 2015
isbn 978-90-78290-37-7