Jeroen Toirkens and Petra Sjouwerman sketch an intimate portrait of people living in solitude in the Arctic North of Norway, Sweden, Finland and Russia, an area called the Barents Region. Europe's last true wilderness. The Dutch photographer Jeroen Toirkens and Scandinavian correspondent Petra Sjouwerman go in search of stories about people from this area. They are inspired by the wanderlust and courage of the sixteenth century Dutch explorer, Willem Barentsz, after whom this region is named. A unique diary of a journey along the polar circle.
title Solitude
client Jeroen Toirkens / Lannoo Publishers
publisher Lannoo Publishers
authors Jeroen Toirkens (photos) + Petra Sjouwerman (text) + Diederik Veerman (epilogue)
photo editing Jeroen Toirkens + Marc Prüst
book design Wout de Vringer
font Dolly, Nobel
size 178 x 225 mm
pages 160
printing full colour offset with varnish (photo-pages) + black + pantone warm gray 8
cover white balacron with white foil printing, embossed, with full colour photo-strips
published 2013
isbn 978-94-014-1236-0