AGI - Graphic Design Since 1950
The AGI - the Alliance Graphique Internationale - unites the world's leading graphic designers and artists in an professional club of common interest and achievement. Since its inception in 1951, its members have been responsible for the identity design of most of the world's top corporations and institutions as well as for countless examples of globally known packaging, publications, illustration and posters. In 2006 Faydherbe/De Vringer, both AGI-members themselves, were asked to design a book about the AGI. This book presents biographies of every AGI member to date - about 600 - illustrated by examples of their work, as well as a history of the AGI and its landmark achievements.
title AGI: Graphic Design Since 1950
client Alliance Graphique Internationale (AGI)
publisher Thames & Hudson
editor Ben and Elly Bos
cover illustration Ben Faydherbe
book concept & design Wout de Vringer
font AB BaldingerPro + LTUnivers
size 175 x 245 mm
pages 800
printing full colour offset + glossy spot varnish
cover hardcover
published 2007
isbn 978-0-500-51342-2