The Stamp of Loneliness
'The Stamp of Loneliness' is a photo story about transgendered people who were engaged in sex work in Armenia. They are mainly individuals who have been cast off from society, they cannot find work because of their appearance, and many are from villages and regions outside the capital. They would not be able to live their lives openly in the villages and regions they came from, and often they are forced to either remain in the closet or leave for the city, where, however, it is sometimes difficult to integrate into city life. Transgender-sex workers are the most vulnerable and at risk group in the LGBT community in Armenia.
title The Stamp of Loneliness
client Nazik Armenakyan
publisher self-published
authors Nazik Armenakyan (photos) + Marc Prüst (foreword) + Vahan Ishkhanyan (text editing)
photo editing Marc Prüst
book design Wout de Vringer
font Arian AMU, Auto (Underware)
size 205 x 225 mm
pages 96
printing full colour offset
cover hardcover, full colour offset
published 2013
isbn -