Erich Salomon - Peter Hunter
The celebrated German press photographer Dr Erich Salomon (Berlin 1886 – Auschwitz 1944) was forced by the rise of National Socialism to settle in The Netherlands at the beginning of 1933. He captured like no other the political and cultural protagonists of the Depression years. His son Otto Salomon (Berlin 1913) emigrated to London in 1935 where he too became a press photographer. For security reasons, while serving in the British army, he assumed the name Peter Hunter. The only surviving member of the family, after the liberation he took it upon himself to keep the memory of his father's work alive. As a result his own photography fell unjustly into oblivion. This book brings together for the first time unpublished and forgotten images by father and son from their years of exile in The Hague and London.
title Erich Salomon - Peter Hunter
client Nederlands Fotoarchief nfa
publisher Focus Publishing BV
editor Flip Bool, Veronica Hekking, Oscar van der Wijk
author Flip Bool, Veronica Hekking, Oscar van der Wijk and others
photography Erich Salomon, Peter Hunter
book design Wout de Vringer
font Janson Text, Trade Gothic Condensed
size 245 x 285 mm
pages 176
printing black offset with glossy spot varnish; endpapers printed in metallic silver on black paperstock
cover hardcover; full colour offset
published 1996
isbn 90-72216-49-0