Veeboeren (Livestock farmers)
Times are changing at a frantic pace. The small farmer’s profession – often owner of a farm that has been passed down from father to son for generations – is under great pressure. Many cattle farmers are forced to end their business. This means that a professional group that was once so self-evident in the Netherlands and strongly determined the image of the country is disappearing. Photographer Johan Witteman has spent more than four years intensively photographing these remarkable cattle farmers. His photos are pure and honest. They are not composed, nothing is staged, everything in the image is as natural as possible. In this book, Witteman's portraits are inextricably linked to the stories the farmers shared with writer Noor Hellmann. That is exactly what Witteman had in mind: a combination of beautiful portraits and stories that provide a true picture of a slowly disappearing professional group.
title Veeboeren
client Komma, No Ordinary Publisher
publisher Komma, No Ordinary Publisher
author Johan Witteman, Noor Hellmann
photography Johan Witteman
photo edit Wout de Vringer, Johan Witteman
text Noor Hellmann
book design Wout de Vringer
font Melior
size 265 x 380 mm
pages 192
printing full colour offset; endpapers offset in black and green pantone 361
cover dark hardcover (blue cloth) with dustjacket printed in full colour offset
printer Wilco Art Books
published 2023
isbn 978-90-831035-5-6