Een Stukje Liefde
Love, affection, an arm around you... and enjoying sex. Tika Stardust, the woman who is the subject of this book offers all of this to her clients. Through various agencies she visits people with disabilities, ranging from people with a spinal cord injury or autism to the mentally disabled or spastic. Through Tika’s diary entries and the intimate photo’s taken by Sofie van de Calseijde one gets a glimpse of her work-experiences.
title Een Stukje Liefde (A Piece of Love)
client Sofie van de Calseijde / Steven Hond
publisher Uitgeverij Komma
photography Sofie van de Calseijde
diary fragments Tika Stardust
text Egbert Kruijver, Sofie van de Calseijde
design Wout de Vringer
font Dolly, AB BaldingerPro, Geneva
size 170 x 240 mm
pages 120
printing full colour offset
cover Swiss binding, printed in pantone 186 + pantone 1905
published 2015
isbn 978-94-91525-43-8