Hond - Dog
Exhibition catalogue. Fascinated by pets from the early days of his education onwards, Maarten Wetsema (1966, Uithoorn, NL) has set a new scene in portrait photography. Ostensibly the dogs are models in a sterile decor, predominated by uneasiness and discomfort. You actually feel sorry for the 'creatures' as though they are forcibly abused for a commercial or something, although admittedly the scenery is not of an astonishing beauty.That first impression doesn't last however as Wetsema is too much of an affectionate professional. Indeed, despite their sometimes weird position, the dogs reveal total acquiescene, the natural manner of which can only be attributed to Wetsema mastering the scene. Having created a new dimension in photography, Wetsema's dogs tell us more than words ever can say.
title Hond Dog
client Galerie van Kranendonk, Maarten Wetsema
publisher Galerie van Kranendonk
author Bart van Marrissing
photography Maarten Wetsema
book design Wout de Vringer
font Dolly (Underware)
size 192 x 245 mm
pages 44
printing full colour offset + glossy spot varnish
cover hardcover; full colour offset
published 2004
isbn 90-803745-2-0