GENERATION 9/11 – a war-conflict photography exhibition
Catalogue for exhibition with the same title. The design of the catalogue is rather rough and 'in your face'; just like all the confrontational photos and stories of the war scenes which it portrays. The exhibition, and to a lesser degree the catalogue, is not for the faint-hearted! But it shows the harsh reality of war in a way that is banned in the media because its simply too shocking.
title GENERATION 9/11 – a war-conflict photography exhibition
client GEMAK Den Haag
publisher GEMAK Den Haag
editor Marie-Jeanne de Rooij, Marije Westerveen and others
photography Teun Voeten, Geert van Kesteren, Mohammed Abed a.o.
book design Wout de Vringer
font Trixie, AB BaldingerPro
size 148 x 210 mm
pages 72
printing full colour offset
cover paperback
published 2011
isbn 978-90-816733-0-3