Verborgen Vrienden
"I keep it private because it’s impossible to explain. It's a toy, a stuffed animal! Though he is much more to me. As far as I’m concerned Bear is alive.” It is their truest friend, so they cherish that piece of fabric. Though they are actually too old for it according to others. The soft companion provides protection, someone to talk to… Cat, bear and monkey represent the ultimate security. Their calming influence reaches all walks of life. And still there is a huge taboo on this innocent love. So the little companion is hidden from the outside world. Even the partner is often unaware of the third bedfellow. Because: “You don’t want to risk that your loved one thinks you're crazy!”
title Verborgen Vrienden (Hidden Friends)
client Nienke Koedijk / Steven Hond
publisher Uitgeverij Komma
photography Nienke Koedijk
text Christiaan van Beemen
design Wout de Vringer
font AB BaldingerPro
size 225 x 285 mm
pages 196
printing full colour offset
cover hardbound with soft touch laminate, full colour offset
published 2015
isbn 978-94-91525-41-4