Vergezicht dichtbij - A wide view Up close
This book draws attention to a small and rural area located in the middle of the busy "Randstad". It is threatened by the surrounding cities which grow bigger and bigger and by all the new infra-structure like a new high-speed train-connection to Paris and extra highways for all the commuters. By interviewing eight different farmers and making photo's of their farms and their daily routine we get an inside in their lives and of the beauty it. And the hard work that it takes... And what the future will hold... The photo's are all used in the same size and because of that we tried to do something to the text pages so they were linked to the photopages. This link made the book look uniform. So there is not a real seperation between the text and the photo's. Basically the photo's are telling the same story as the text... The book is oblong because the photo's require a format like that: most photo's are landscapes.
title Vergezicht dichtbij - A wide view Up close
client Galerie van Kranendonk
publisher De Verbeelding
authors Theo Bakkers, Fred van Wijnen
photography Wijnanda de Roo
book design Wout de Vringer
font Dolly (Underware)
size 262 x 205 mm
pages 96
printing full colour offset + glossy spot varnish
cover hardcover; full colour offset
published 2003
isbn 90-74159-64-8