De Pastorale
This little book is about the redevelopment of the Pastoor van Arskerk (Pastor Van Ars Church). In this special project, the church is not only given a new look, but it is given a residential destination that meets current wishes and requirements. Innovative techniques have been used, but existing material has also been reused and many historical elements have been preserved. This gives the building a special architecture. The circular construction remains, which is characteristic for the area. With great respect for the history of the building, there was also plenty of room for modern technology in applied construction techniques. For example, the building structure has a lightweight steel frame and technology was used that makes it possible to disconnect walls from electricity lines, making them easy to move.
title De Pastorale
client Stichting Heelweg
publisher Stichting Nomadisch Paviljoen, Den Haag
photography Jeffrey Pak, Archipelontwerpers, Gerrit Schreurs
editor Eric Vreedenburgh
book design Wout de Vringer
font Auto 1 (underware)
size 170 x 240 mm
pages 60
printing full colour offset; PMS Reflex Blue + PMS Pink on semi-transparent paper
cover softcover with Swiss binding; PMS Reflex Blue, Metallic Silver + blind embossing
printer NPN Printers
published 2023
isbn 978-90-8337770-4