Voor de Gek! - Follies in Nederland
With this book, photographer Edith Gerritsma and journalist Andrea Hijmans introduce the general public to these bizarre structures. It tells the stories of the builders, but also of the place where a folly is located, often closely intertwined with the history of a region, an estate or a backyard. The book wants to show the beauty of traditional and contemporary follies and the dilemmas associated with restoration, conservation and management. In short: to introduce the reader to this little-known category of cultural heritage. It's high time, because building for (and by) the mad is back, perhaps stronger than ever. Logical, if you think about it. After all, the 19th century French poet Casimir Delavigne already observed: 'Fools have been in the majority since Adam.'
title Voor de Gek! - Follies in Nederland
client Edith Gerritsma, Andrea Hijmans
publisher self-published
photography Edith Gerritsma
text Andrea Hijmans
book design Wout de Vringer
font Trade Gothic, Trade Gothic Condensed
size 180 x 260 mm
pages 206
production Jos Morree Fine Books
lithography Wilco Art Books
printing full colour offset
cover softcover; full colour offset
printer Wilco
published 2021
isbn 978-90-9034372-3