The Rat Gazette
The Rat Gazette is an ode to what is arguably the most vilified animal on Earth: the rat. Photographer Arjan Schuitman captured the special relationships between man and this rodent. He travelled throughout Europe, Asia and North America to research and document the rat’s image, photographing it in research centres, breed­ing farms, restaurants, temples, museums and, of course, on the streets. Through thought-provoking photo­graphs and a series of anecdotes, Arjan demon­strates that rats are pest-controlled, put to work, worshipped and eaten by us humans. The photos and stories are both endearing and distasteful at the same time, evoking emotions that range from horror to amazement to admiration. The Rat Gazette presents the rat in all its facets.
title The Rat Gazette
client Arjan Schuitman
publisher Komma, No Ordinary Publisher
author Arjan Schuitman
photography Arjan Schuitman
text Arjan Schuitman, Kees Moeliker, Iris Boumans, Monique Hamerslag, Maite van Gerwen, Hideki Tokushige
book edit Marc Prüst, Arjan Schuitman
book design Wout de Vringer
font Auto 1, Rosewood Std Fill
size 210 x 270 mm
pages 160
printing full colour offset
cover softcover; offset in PMS Grey (rat-colour!) on white fur-like paper (Softy)
printer NPN Drukkers
published 2020
isbn 978-90-831035-2-5