Kings of Afghanistan
Photobook by Belgium filmer and documantairy-maker Pieter-Jan De Pue. The world premiere of De Pue’s docufiction ‘The Land of the Enlightened’ was at the Sundance Festival in Salt Lake City in 2016, where he was imme­diately awarded the prize for Best Cinemato­graphy. After that, the film was screened at multiple foreign festivals and he won numerous international prizes. In 2017, Pieter-Jan received the Flemish Culture Prize for Film. The title of this book, ‘Kings of Afghanistan’, pays homage to its main characters, the Afghan children who, through romantic dreams and creative pragmatism, manage to survive in this gigantic, mercilessly beautiful country.
title Kings of Afghanistan
client Lannoo
publisher Marked by Lannoo Publishers
author Pieter-Jan de Pue
photography Pieter-Jan de Pue
text Dorian van der Brempt, Herwig Deweerdt
book design Wout de Vringer
font BVH Baldinger
size 295 x 240 mm
pages 208
printing full colour offset; red endpapers
cover hardcover; white linen with sticker in full colour offset + red and grey foil stamp
published 2019
isbn 978-94-014-4928-1