Sheet of 10 stamps: 150 years of The Royal Dutch Chess Association (KNSB)
In november 2022 I was approached by PostNL if I was interested in designing a sheet of ten stamps for the celebration of 150 years of the Royal Dutch Chess Association. And of course I said yes. The game of chess is thousands of years old and has many different forms. The current Western chess game originated in France in the late 15th century. The first chess clubs were founded in the Netherlands in 1822. In the second half of the 19th century, chess as a sport became more widespread. Around 1900 the first Dutch chess players joined the world top. On May 23, 1873, the Dutch Chess Federation was founded. In 1935, the year that the Dutch chess player Max Euwe became world champion, this association was awarded the Royal predicate. The Royal Dutch Chess Association (KNSB) is one of the oldest sports associations in the Netherlands, with currently around 20,000 members. The chess federation organizes national competitions and championships for its members, sends representatives to international competitions, provides management training, maintains contacts with subsidizers and, where possible, makes propaganda for chess.